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Worth knowing about wood and its processing

Oiling vs. varnishing

Lackiermaschinen und das Deck

Oil vs. varnish - which is better for protecting the wooden surface? Basically, wood oils can be applied much better and easier than other wood preservatives. In addition, oils penetrate deeper into the pores, which also protects the wood from moisture from the inside.

The sustained breathability is another important factor, especially for furniture in the bathroom or in the outdoor area. Because the wood is open to diffusion, it can absorb moisture and later release it again - without being damaged.

You can also avoid cracking with wood oil. Other aspects that should please many interior fans: oiled wood simply looks great, feels velvety and exudes a rustic charm.

When and why do cracks appear in wood?

braun Holz

Wood adapts to its environment, absorbing and releasing water from the air as needed. If the air is too dry, wood loses moisture, which is why the smallest joints and cracks appear. When the humidity rises again, these close again due to the swelling of the wood.
However, if the humidity falls below the optimal level and the temperature rises, the wood could be damaged.

Which wood is used at the joinery Gerlinger?

Großer Baum

When selecting the wood, we always pay attention to sustainable forestry. When it comes to historic properties, we try to use local wood from the surrounding area wherever possible and sensible in order to preserve the character of a historic building.

Due to the special selection of our suppliers, we can guarantee sustainability and consistently high quality.

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